most welcome and thanks to all who was visit my blog also view my artwork and my picture collection. this blog just want to share with you my idea, picture collection. i'm a new n begginer in this part of photography world. so if i have a mistake just tell and teach me how to improve it. photography is about capturing the moments and share it with people around you. photography is about the meaning of life in this world.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

jalan jalan

Hola hola..salam sabtu.hari nie aku hangout dengan kengkawan.petang tadi aku n the geng. Pegi sutera mall sebab ada roadshow aku pun hangout dengan dorang.boleh tahan ramai orang..lepas tu kiteorang lepak mcd pulak.dekat tun aminah.

Tu kengkwan aku.

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